Chairman's interview in PBS News Hour

Chairman of VIYELLATEX, Mr. David Hasanat was interviewed by PBS NewsHour recently. Some portion of the interview is given below:

"FRED DE SAM LAZARO: David Hasanat runs a rare company that would allow our cameras in. He's leery of unions, at least in his plants, saying he offers higher-than-average wages, on-site day care, pensions and good fire control systems.

In any event, he says, Western buyers really hold the cards and they continue to squeeze local producers. After previous disasters, like a string of fatal factory fires, he says there was talk, but no action.

DAVID HASANAT, Viyellatex Group: Couple of months, lot of media, international media. And, believe me, few months later, the customer, they act the same way, the price, price, price.

FRED DE SAM LAZARO: What is your share of this pound price tag?

DAVID HASANAT: Roughly, something like two pounds.

FRED DE SAM LAZARO: He says there's unrelenting pressure from buyers to cut costs. So many producers cut corners. Perhaps a third of Dhaka's factories are substandard, he says, and Western clients could change this if they insisted on better conditions.

DAVID HASANAT: If there is demand, everybody would set up the right kind of factory because business is not going to reduce. The prices we're offering, we're getting from Bangladesh, you cannot get from other parts of the world. You have to come to Bangladesh."

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