VIYELLATEX cuts carbon emissions by 25pc

Viyellatex Group, one of the leading garment exporters, reduced carbon emissions by more than 25 percent over the five years since 2009, Systain, a Germany-based environmental consulting firm, said in a report.
“Viyellatex is highly committed to sustainable textile production. The management has put major focus on improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Viyellatex was one of the first textile producers to publish a carbon footprint at all,” the Systain report said.
Awareness raising, strict maintenance, application of advanced technologies, purchase of energy-efficient equipment, research and investment to reduce energy use are well established at Viyellatex, Systain said in the report published on April 10.

Viyellatex replaced conventional fluorescent tube lights with efficient ones and replaced all conventional sewing machine motors with servo-motors, which require half the electricity, to reduce emissions.
The group also installed a heat recovery system to form condensate from steam in the dyeing section, and uses it to pre-heat feed water for the boiler.
Viyellatex also recovers heat from generators to use in a similar way and uses evaporative cooling instead of conventional air conditioning.
“It is good news that the group could cut 25 percent carbon emissions. Carbon neutrality is our commitment,” said David Hasanat, chairman of Viyellatex.
The company exported garments worth $200 million in fiscal 2012-13, up from $185 million in the previous year, Hasanat said.
“We could achieve 13 percent export growth at the end of the current fiscal year.”