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JavaScript and cookies

The website utilizes JavaScript technology to open new browser windows and to enable functions like making bookmarks or favorites, and font size control.

Cookies are also used on the site. They act as the browser's memory when figuring out the current font size selection.


Iframe technology is used for integrating certain services. Examples of such services, can be found in the Management section. If your browser does not support this technology, you can typically open these services in a new browser window instead.

The news service

VIYELLATEX’s press releases are categorized by type in the News service. Releases older than one year are found in the News archive. Both current and archived releases can be searched with the Site search.


Most of the attachments provided on VIYELLATEX's website are in PDF format. The Publications & Documentation section also includes some Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Words etc. files.

The software needed to read the PDF files can be downloaded at Adobe’s website.

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