“Ensure growth, expansion and profit by being socially and environmentally responsible”. This is the VIYELLATEX approach to Corporate Sustainability.

The economic, social and environmental aspects of the business are commanded by the 3P’s – Profit, People and Planet. Corporate sustainability is taken as a business approach that creates long-term consumer and employee value by not only being "green" and protecting the natural environment, but also taking into consideration every dimension of how these initiatives profit the business in economic terms as well.

The VIYELLATEX Sustainability Mission Statement

VIYELLATEX aims to conduct a profitable and respectable business in a manner that protects the ecosystem and all stakeholders of the company. All efforts are focused on four key areas:

  • Constantly seeking newer ways to save energy
  • Continuously reducing waste from operations
  • Selling products that are safe to consumers and the environment
  • Sharing knowledge and resources with employees and communities to improve the quality of life for both.